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    Willy Hassell                                                   paranormal investigator
Spirit Chasers Paranormal Investigation and                        Research Organization
North Hampton, N.H.                                                     

We never charge a fee; our services are always                           free Do you think you might have some                             paranormal activity in your home? Sometimes                             fear of the unknown can make you uncomfortable                           in your own home or business . We can help; we                         can do a full investigation of the premises.                            We understand your concerns; we know how you                        feel. We will do our best to answer and to help                              you feel better about your surroundings.
 Willy Hassell has been studying the paranormal                             for the past 10 years. Although based on the NH                 seacoast he has done investigations from                                   New England to NY to WV to AZ to CA.                            Investigating some of the most haunted places in                           the country. Using a combination of and modern                 electronics as well as personal feelings and                        responses to detect anything out of the ordinary                       which could possibly be paranormal in nature.

In 2009, he formed Spirit Chasers Paranormal                              with a team of dedicated professionals whose                              goal it is to advance the study of the paranormal                          and increase the public's understanding of this          enigmatic world.

                                     Professional    Respectful     Courteous
                                                   North Hampton, NH
                               Cell #: 520-869-7001 


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