Spirit Chasers Paranormal -
 Paranormal does not mean just ghosts. Paranormal encompasses a whole world or even universes that embody strange, confounding events that lie just beyond the confines of our 3-D reality. Each of us must endeavor to pierce the veil that defines our present awareness. This enigma is as old as time itself. Folkloric tales continue to speak of second sight and of those clairvoyants who foretell the future by way of dreams and visions. In reading these pages, you may come to realize how multifaceted the world around us is; how some people experience a coalescence of the five senses with the sixth and beyond, and how we all have these abilities in some measure unless we've deliberately turned them off. You may also come to realize that sometimes the stuff of dreams does come to pass; sometimes our spirit may travel to another place on earth, or perhaps even to another time. If you dare to peek into the chasm of the unknown, Gateway to the Paranormal will offer you passage. You’ll encounter other dimensions, and accounts of strange dreams, warnings and non-verbal messages. There are UFO encounters, an out-of-body experience, and memories of a past lifetime which all present quirky anomalies that defy logic. Even a few ghost stories are included. But beware - other tales can be equally as frightening. If you’re lucky, you may experience an expanded spiritual awareness, or you may even be faced with some paranormal discoveries of your own. All stories are true, based on the author's experience.

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